All Aboard! There’s Room for Everyone!

Funny thing about common sense… it ain’t so common!All aboard the welfare wagon!

It’s free if someone else has to pay for it!

The debt situation in Europe in one sentence.

From Chris Martenson’s blog – Chris Martenson sums up the debt situation in Europe in one sentence:

“Everybody owes everybody, and there’s not enough productive economy to mask the insolvency of the system any longer.”

Well put, but don’t believe for an instant that the central banks won’t try desperately to continue to mask it.

Moral Bankruptcy – a step closer to tyranny?


In all the examples history provides, economic bankruptcy and political tyranny are invariably preceded by moral bankruptcy.
– Doug Casey, Casey Research.

A point to ponder from part 2 of Doug Casey’s thought provoking article article Sociopathy is running the US.

If this statement is correct then we must accept that we now live in a time of widespread moral bankruptcy, for economic bankruptcy is in evidence all around us at civic, state & sovereign levels.


Ineptocracy [in-ep-toc’-ra-cy]

A system of government where

  1. the least capable to lead are elected by those least capable of producing, and
  2. where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated [taxed] wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

When a state reaches a position in which enough (~50%) of it’s citizens rely on the largesse of the state for their continued sustenance, the form of government becomes one of ineptocracy”.

In order to gain and maintain political power a government must pander to the wants of the majority – a majority whose wants are not in the interests of those whose wealth and productivity is required to support the economy and ultimately to provide the largesse upon which the “least capable” rely.

Ayn Rand’s famous novel “Atlas Shrugged” is based upon the premise of a nation collapsing under a state of ineptocracy.

In summary: “Government of the people, by the least capable, for the least productive”.

lies, damned lies, and statistics

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

On Thursday (Feb 2) Obama was all over the media claiming US employment was **UP** 243,000 jobs in January, while actual survey data shows a **LOSS** of 2.7 million jobs.

What went up? A “seasonally adjusted”, moving-average-style trend line – NOT ACTUAL JOBS.

TRUTH: despite recent (hopefully) seasonal job losses, employment OVER THE LAST 24 MONTHS is still slowly TRENDING upwards.

BULLSHIT: the economy created 243,000 jobs in January.

But which one sounds oh-so-much better when you’re in front of all those cameras in an election year?

Source: Lee Adler at

In times of war more ink will be spilled on lies, propaganda and rhetoric than blood will be spilled on the battlefield.

‎”In times of war more ink will be spilled on lies, propaganda and rhetoric than blood will be spilled on the battlefield.”
– Roy Cobden.

It came to me in a moment of “profoundness” (is that a word?). I had just finished reading Charles Goyette’s article “The Three Biggest Lies the Government is Telling You” and thinking about some of the lies & cover-ups that have come out of Iraq & Afghanistan, and before that Vietnam (most notably the Gulf of Tonkin incident).

After the lies come more lies. Then lies about the lies, distortions & re-spinning of the lies, lies about the cover-ups of other lies, etc.

It amazing how they keep compounding.

More amazing is the completely apathetic attitude of the public:
                    “Oh well. Politicians lie. We know that. So what?”

I’ve “Google’d” and “Bing’d” to see if I may have somewhere heard or seen this before, but I can find no evidence of it online. So I’m claiming it as mine. Feel free to quote me.

NB. The term ‘spilling ink’ is a dated reference to written or printed media. In the modern sense it refers to all media – hard copy, soft copy, audio & video.